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Exam Schedule

All teachers have semester exam review sessions and have posted these sessions on their classroom doors. It is the students responsibility to know when they have exam review sessions. If you have specific questions regarding review sessions, please contact the teacher directly.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2018
8:15-9:45       		Period 1
10:00-11:30   		Period 2

Wednesday, December 18, 2018
8:15-9:45       		Period 3
10:00-11:30   		Period 4

Thursday, December 19, 2018
8:15-9:45       		Period 5
10:00-11:30   		Period 6

Friday, December 20, 2018
8:15-9:45      		Period 7
10:00-11:30  		Period 8
Exam Policy
  • All students must be in school when they have a scheduled exam.
  • The use of cell phones for any reason is not permitted during exam periods.
  • Students must come to the office to make any phone calls.
  • Students must report to the classroom with study hall to study when they do not have an exam scheduled
  • Students must remain in the classrooms for the entire exam period.
  • Students are not permitted to be in the hall during an exam period.
  • No food or drink(s) are permitted in the classrooms or library.
  • Students may buy lunch at Bishop Fenwick if they are attending exam review sessions beginning 12:30 pm.

If you have questions please call the school office at (740) 452-7504.