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Our Mission

The mission of Bishop Rosecrans High School is to provide a community in which all can live and grow in faith, scholarship, and service following the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Bishop Rosecrans High School is an academic institution of the Diocese of Columbus that strives to provide a quality education to the total person in an environment permeated with Christian principle. By emphasizing the message of Jesus Christ, as conveyed through the gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the school strives to develop a quality academic program wherein, respect, love and all the virtues are nurtured and exercised.

Culture Of Faith & Learning

Happy Students
Years Of Learning
Bishop Rosecrans High School has 124 students enrolled as of 11/25/2020.

Bishop Rosecrans Offers

A Commitment To Your Child

As the only Catholic Schools in Muskingum County, Bishop Fenwick Elementary & Middle School and Bishop Rosecrans High School offers a unique, personal environment with excellent student to teacher ratios, where Catholic values and morals are integrated into every part of the educational experience, and academic excellence with testing scores ranking among the top are prevalent.

A Quality Education Made Affordable
Christ is the REASON for this School

While the moral and spiritual foundation is built at home, the staff strives to reinforce and integrate those learning experiences throughout the school day.

I know as a parent I'm doing exactly the right thing by sending my children to a school where faith, trust and love for God and others are encouraged, lived and witnessed on a daily basis.
- Stacy, Mother of Gabrielle

Striving for Academic Excellence

The schools are fully accredited by the State of Ohio through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. Many student's state-approved standardized test scores are in the high 80th to the low 90th percentile and the 2009 graduating class' ACT Mean score was 24.2.