Social Studies Courses

Course # 400           Consumer Economics           Credits: 1/2
This course is designed to present a general understanding of consumer economics.  Students will learn about the various economic systems in the world as well as what keeps the national/global economy working.  The class will also consist of a variety of projects including starting their own company and monitoring how supply and demand actually works.

Course # 410           Psychology           Credits: 1/2
This course is an introduction to the study of human behavior and mental processes. It covers topics such as personality, emotions, growth and development, mental health, mental illness, and social behavior.

Course # 415           World Geography           Credits: 1/2
This course is designed to expand the students’ geographic knowledge.  It offers them the skills to better understand and evaluate world events.  Topics covered include physical map studies; place name map studies, cultural geography, world economy, population studies, cartography, climatology and biomes.

Course # 420           World History           Credits: 1
Required to be taken Freshmen or Sophomore grade levels
Students learn the political, diplomatic, social and economic development of World History with an emphasis on Western Civilization from the beginning of historic time through the Post-Cold War period.

Course # 430           Current Events           Credits: 1/2
This class will take a look at various news items that occur during the school year.  Students will be provided an opportunity to discuss their opinions, learn to research materials, and then give oral reports on their findings.  Discussion is a vital part of this class and all students must participate.

Course # 440           U.S. History / Civil War           Credits: 1/2
This class will take a look at the increasing problems in the United States that ultimately led to the American Civil War.  To fully understand the history of this important time, the class will look at what caused the sectionalism to grow prior to the war years, various political elections and their effects on the country, society, and institutions in the North and in the Confederacy, an in depth study of the numerous campaigns of the war, and the various attempts to restructure Southern society after the war and why it failed.  The students will attend the Civil War Round Table (outside of school time).

Course # 450           U.S. History / Vietnam War           Credits: 1/2
This couse will take an in depth look into the war in southeast Asia.  It will start around World War II and the Vietnamese attempts to prevent Japanese occupation, progress forward to their struggle with the French and their attempts to re-colonize, and then their final struggle with the American troops.

Course # 460           United States History           Credits: 1
Required for Juniors
Students learn the political, diplomatic, social and economic development of American History.  The course spans colonization to present time.

Course # 470           American Government / Mock Trial           Credits: 1/2
This course is designed to expand the student’s understanding of the legal system.  It offers the initial skills to understand the court proceedings that would occur in a normal court room.  During this course, the students will have the opportunity to work with the law in regards to several cases and later prepare a case for state competition.  This will be a class of interaction and competition in which all the students must participate.  Competition will be starting in late January or early February and ending in March.

Course # 480           Government and Law           Credits: 1
Required for Seniors
The first semester concentrates on the formation, structure and organization of government from the federal through the local levels.  Special emphasis is placed on the U.S. Constitution and the resulting structure and function of the federal government in its executive, legislative and judicial branches.  The second semester emphasis is on the description and function of law in American society.  Students study the inquisitional and adversarial systems as they apply to both civil and criminal law.  Students are required to engage in case studies

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