Mathematics Courses

Required Courses:  Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II or their Honors Equivalents

Course # 300         Algebra I           Credits: 1
The purpose of this course is to teach students all the important ideas of Algebra on a level at which they can understand and at which they can find success.  Emphasis will be on concepts and applications, rather than on problems with a high level of difficulty, and the course is intended for students whose basic math skills may not be very strong.  Students are taught to work with variables in equations; to add, subtract, multiply and divide real numbers; to factor polynomials and to use other algebraic skills.

Course # 310         Algebra  Honors           Credits: 1
Students must have good arithmetic skills.  Students will learn to solve linear equations, inequalities and word problems.  As they progress, they will be taught to solve polynomial equations, systems of equations, and simple radical equations.

Course # 320         Geometry         Credits: 1
Prerequisite:  # 300
This course is offered as an alternative to the Formal Geometry course.  It covers all topics of geometry including: lines, planes, parallel and perpendicular lines, polygons, congruent triangles, circles, areas and volumes.

Course # 330         Honors Geometry           Credits: 1
Prerequisite:  # 310
This course covers major geometric concepts such as similarity, area and volume of both two and three dimensional figures, and congruence.  A greater emphasis is placed on proofs than in Informal Geometry.  Students are challenged to develop logical deductive reasoning skills.

Course # 340         Algebra II         Credits: 1
Prerequisite:  #300, #320
This course reviews the concepts of Basic Algebra and covers all the important topics in Algebra II, including conic sections and logarithms.  The difference between this course and Algebra II / Trigonometry is only the trigonometry.  The book is a college prep Algebra II book, and even though the class processes at a slower pace, the difficulty level is the same.  After successful completion of this course students should be able to enter college on at least a Pre-Calculus level.

Course # 350         Trigonometry (1 semester)         Credits: 1/2
Prerequisite: #340, or taking concurrently with #340
The purpose of this course is to offer high school students a one-semester course covering all the concepts of trigonometry including basic definitions, graphs, proofs, identities, and triangle trigonometry.  It will be geared toward those students who are not prepared for the rigor of Algebra II / Trigonometry, but who want to strengthen their high school math program.

Course # 360         Introduction to Probability and Statistics (1 semester)         Credits: 1/2
Prerequisite: #340
This course is designed to give students a basic introduction into the methods and terminology used in solving problems dealing with probability. It will also introduce concepts and formulas of statistics.

Course # 370         Algebra II / Trigonometry  (Honors)         Credits: 1
Prerequisite: #330
This course reviews and builds on skills learned in Algebra I.  It introduces new skills, such as: rational expressions; irrational and complex numbers; quadratic equations and functions; variation and polynomial equations; analytic geometry; and exponential and logarithmic functions to prepare the student for calculus.  The fourth quarter is dedicated to trigonometry.

Course # 380         Pre-Calculus         Credits: 1
Prerequisite: #340
The purpose of this course is to prepare students for college mathematics.  It reviews many fundamental ideas of Algebra II and extends them to insure that the student is prepared for college calculus.  It also covers trigonometry with emphasis on practical applications and branches into other topics in mathematics including polar coordinates, matrices and determinants, and sequence and series.  This course gives a broad mathematics background for those students not planning to take calculus after high school.

Course # 390         AP Calculus           Credits: 1
Prerequisite: #370
This course follows the College Board Advanced Placement syllabus.  Some key topics may be reviewed but the majority of the course will assume a reasonably sound working knowledge of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and elementary functions.  Topics to be covered include: limits and continuity, the derivative, the differential and anti-differentiation, the definite integral and its application, logarithm and exponential functions, trigonometric functions and techniques of integration.  It is a general objective of the course to adequately prepare the student for the AP Calculus Exam (BC) given in May.

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