Grading System

Letter Grade           Numeric Equivalent           Grade Point Scale
A                               100-93                                   4.0
B+                            92-90                                     3.5
B                               89 – 85                                   3.0
C+                            84 – 82                                   2.5
C                               81 – 76                                   2.0
D                               75 – 70                                  1.0
F                               69 or below                          0.0

The lowest numerical value for an F in quarterly grades is 60 when calculating semester averages. The lowest semester exam grade is 50. An automatic course failure is given when evidence is clear that the exam was intentionally failed or not completed. The current grade point average will appear on each report card. The year-end report card will reflect the cumulative grade point average and denotes class ranking.

An incomplete must be made up by the student within a reasonable time or no credit will be granted for the course. It is suggested that students be granted the same amount of time to make up work as they were absent from school. This is a suggestion and “rule of thumb” …the time of the grading period will influence this guideline greatly.

A student who fails the first semester and passes the second semester of a year course shall receive the full credit of the course if recommended by the teacher and approved by the principal. Semester exams are compulsory in all major subjects. Work missed due to an unexcused absence may not be made up. Counting each quarter grade as 2/5 and the exam as 1/5 determines semester grades. The final grade is determined by averaging first semester and second semester grades.

The Valedictorian and the Salutatorian of the graduating class will be selected after FINAL GRADES of the senior year have been determined.  The student with the highest grade point average will be designated as the valedictorian and the student with the next highest GPA will be the salutatorian.  In the event that there is more than one valedictorian, there will be not salutatorian.

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