Computer Science Courses

Course # 850         Keyboarding and Word Processing         Credits: 1/2
This is an entry level course that introduces students to computer related concepts and word processing applications.  Students learn to key all forms of data using the touch technique.

Course # 860         Spreadsheet/Database         Credits: 1/2
Prerequisite:  # 850
This is an intermediate level course.  Utilizing appropriate applications, students learn and apply techniques for solving and displaying quantitative problems.  Students learn techniques for creating and maintaining databases, understanding data structures, extracting desired data, and designing and printing reports, letters and labels.

Course # 870         Intro to HTML         Credits: 1
Prerequisite:  # 850
This is an intermediate level course in which students learn to design and implement web sites.  Students learn the nuts and bolts of hyper text markup language (HTML) and are introduced to software developed for image manipulation and site management.  Students are required to update and maintain the Rosecrans web site.

Course # 880         Programming in BASIC         Credits: 1
Prerequisite: Grade ‘C’ or above in #850 and #300 (or #310) and possessing a strong interest in computer science

This is an entry level computer programming class.  Emphasis is placed on structured programming techniques and proper program design.  Students are introduced to the Visual Basic design environment, Visual Basic controls, and the nature of an event oriented language.  Next, core programming concepts are introduced, including standard Visual Basic data types, variable and procedure scoping, conditional tests, loops, single and multi-dimensional arrays, user defined types, data structures, and the use of object variables.  Finally, application development, with a heavy emphasis on application design, is introduced.

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