Art & Music Courses

Course # 800         Art I         Credits: 1
Art I is a basic introduction to art.  Students will learn about studio art, art history and art in society.  They will develop an understanding of the color wheel, will learn to critique works of  art and to incorporate perspective and other techniques in their work.  They will work in a variety of media.

Course # 810         Foundations of Art         Credits: 1
Students explore the underlying principles for making art in two and three dimensions.  Notions of what art is, what it does, and what it is made of are addressed and challenged.  The course establishes a visual vocabulary and develops basic artistic techniques in the application of various media.  Students will learn about artists and developments in art throughout history.  Students will look at art images and discuss content, composition, and meaning in addition  to creating pieces of art from a variety of genres.  Students will learn descriptive vocabulary and visual analysis to effectively explore works of art.  Topics include the Italian Renaissance, Surrealism, Impressionism, Expressionism and others.

Course # 820         Art II         Credits: 1
Prerequisite:  Grade ‘C’ or above in Art 1 or Foundations of Art
Art II continues to develop the skills learned in Art I and Art Appreciation.  The class will focus primarily on studio art but will continue with art history and the art of different cultures.  Studio art will include such projects as pottery making, batik, copper tooling, and mask making.

Course #          Instrumental Music         Credits: 1
Course description is forthcoming

Course #840         Choir         Credits: 1
Choir is open to any student in grades 9 –  12 who enjoys singing. Students will learn vocal technique and music reading skills while performing a wide variety of choral literature from the Renaissance through contemporary works.

Course #          Pep Band        Credits: 1
Course description is forthcoming.

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